Show Jumping Virtual Coach

Show Jumping Virtual Coach

from 10.00

Have your show jumping round reviewed by our Qualified Level 3 Show Jumping Coach talking you through your round to:

  • Support parts where you have performed well

  • Identify some key areas that you could improve on

  • Suggest exercises that may support your training

As part of your review we ask that you let us know:

  • What your experience / level is at the moment

  • What your ambitions are and what you want to achieve

You can use the review to support your training or offer an alternative view on your performance.

If you are looking to review a video already produced by Meadow Productions then just let us know the date and details of your round that you would like to be reviewed.

If you are submitting your own video then we will produce this with some slow motion shots on the end together with the review of your round. We are wholly reliant on the quality of your video to be able to offer this support so please ensure that the video you submit is of sufficient quality for us to be able to review.

Please note that any comments made by our qualified instructor are their own views / personal opinion of your performance during that round and does not substitute for any face to face training that you have as part of your coaching programme.

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Please note that we will always aim to have your video back to you within 5 to 10 working days and will always let you know if there is a delay to this due to coach availability.