Videos designed to fit around you:

There are times when you want more focus on your riding or are trying to achieve something specific and you feel that a one on one service with your coach or instructor is the best way to do this. When all the focus is on you and your horse, you can achieve so much more very quickly yet it also means you have a lot more to take in over the lesson.

We are able to support your training, through understanding your requirements and capturing the crucial parts of your training, so that you are able to review them between lessons. It will also help you to ensure you have taken everything you can from the coach and allow you to work on specific points within your training programme.

Our services are designed around your needs and we can make a bespoke video to suit you and what you want to achieve supporting your long term development as a rider.

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One day event with Mark

Our services can be bespoke and tailored to you from visiting you at your yard to going out to specific competitions. Here, Mark had asked us to cover his One Day Event at Kelsall Hill where we managed to capture his dressage, show jumping and a number of cross country jumps allowing him to review his performance over the day. We can provide all the footage that we take during the day or event on request and we produce a number of edits to help bring it back to life for you, allowing you to analyse, understand, learn and improve.