OUR Aims

1. To improve your equestrian performance through a better understanding of how you ride.

2. To help you learn more from your riding experiences. 

You perform, we capture, you review, learn, improve and share.

Our vision

Equestrian enthusiasts are constantly looking at ways in which they can improve their performance through personal training, lessons clinics and competitions. This means significant investment both in time and money, Meadow Productions services mean you get the most out of that investment and maximise the value to you.

It is often a challenge to fully appreciate your own performance from the saddle so riders often ask friends and family if they can film them. Although they are happy to take the video there are endless complaints that they are then just watching a device rather than being able to enjoy the riding. Also quality is less sufficient compared to a professional service.

We know riders like to watch their video over and over again just to see what went right, what went wrong and how they can do better next time. When you are receiving tuition there is only so much information you can retain and then recall.

Much of the lesson or experience will be forgotten which is where a video journal helps you to recall the information and analyse your performance.

Hermann Ebbinghaus' experiments suggest that we forget 50% of what we learn within an hour and 2/3rds by the end of the day and 80% by the end of a month. 

The value that Meadow Productions brings to clients is more than just replacing a video taken through a smartphone by family members – it’s whole ethos is to be able to use new technologies and high quality video to help riders become better and improve their performance regardless of the situation or discipline.

We aim to be known for delivering high quality video that will help riders to analyse their riding with their coaches and understand what they can do to drive their performance.

We encourage our customers to share their videos and experiences that have been produced through social media, linking to our pages and showing how well they are improving over time.

We want clients to be able to connect with and learn from their videos and be able to demonstrate how well they have come on since using the services and become advocates of what we are able to deliver for them and other equestrian enthusiasts.

Although we are very young as a business, through the strength of delivery of our product and through the use of social media we will be able to grow to effectively cover:

- Dressage

- Show jumping

- Cross Country

- Arena Eventing

- Team Chasing

Our long term ambition is to be able to cover entire events including all disciplines and we know with our customers support we will be able to reach that dream.

What We've Achieved

  • Covered numerous individual coaching sessions with private trainers.
  • Cross country clinics with clear voice over from the instructors sharing the key points for all riders.
  • Cross country best bits and social media sharing for customers - please see our Facebook page.
  • Promotional videos for equestrian centres to cover specific events.
  • Showjumping and Arena Eventing competitions for all ages.
  • Competitive show jumping private hire coverage including Hickstead.