Meadow Productions Training Videos:

There is a lot to take in during a group coaching session and so much you can learn from watching other riders yet we recognise that you will not remember everything that you learnt within the session.

With a Meadow Productions video you are able to re-watch the important parts within the lesson and accompanied with a voice over from the coach see and hear the advice again from a different perspective and look to analyse, understand, learn and then improve much more than ever before.

Each video tends to last around 15 minutes and includes all participants with coaches voice over with the option of receiving your own 'best bits' video which is just you with a musical background playing. 

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Cross country clinic with Mark Cramb

This is a great example of what is covered during group training sessions and how your video will look, sound and feel. We have experience in covering Cross Country, Show Jumping and Arena Eventing clinics with the ability to work with you, the instructor or equestrian centre to fully understand your requirements.