our work: projects

Improve your equestrian performance through a better understanding of how you ride. Have a look at some of the projects we have done in the past and think about how we could help you.

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dressage CLINICS WITH giovanni mereu

Giovanni and his team have been helping us to shape and define our services for dressage from clinics to competitions. Dressage can be such an important part of learning for both rider and horse or pony and by being able to capture each movement we are able to help you to understand, learn and improve.  

Arena eventing competitions - eland lodge

We have had some fantastic feedback from our clients that have ordered their Meadow Productions video for the Eland Lodge Arena Eventing competitions. If you are taking part in any of the Arena Eventing competitions and would like to order your video please click here - we aim to record every round so get in contact to see if we have yours.

Cross country clinics with Mark Cramb

Mark has been really supportive of the work we have been doing and in partnering with us we have been able to cover a number of cross country clinics with him that produces two videos. One video for training and review - between 10 - 15 minutes long which includes a voice over from Mark as well as second video showing off your separate best bits which we encourage our customers to share on social media sites.

Competition coverage - holly hammond and Landown illusion winning newcomers at hickstead

We have been working with the team at Landown for some time and they have commissioned a number of videos that have been used to support further training as well as advertising and selling horses. 

Meynell hunt pony club - showjumping with cross country jumps at beaver hall, 24th october 2016

Being involved with branches of the Pony Club helps us to really work with some of the younger riders and to help keep a video record of how they have been performing, learning and improving over time.